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 RedBandit Chess is a unique comprehensive coaching program for chess players of all levels.  Enrollment provides access to private 1-on-1 instruction, workshops, access to annual retreats, and more.  Developed by National Master Ian Harris, the program is designed to help players reach their maximum potential both at chess and life skills. 
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 Harris’s approach is unique in several ways.  By enrolling in the program students will receive coaching in a variety of forms to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.  Along with all of the other benefits of chess, Harris teaches with a deliberate focus on improving executive function skills.  Through this method, everyone can reap the rewards of studying chess, whether your goal is to begin participating in tournament chess or to reach the level of master.  Read more about Harris’s approach.


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Online Instruction Via Zoom and Chessbase


 If you receive your coaching through RedBandit Chess you have many options to customize your experience.  Individuals of any age that are serious about improvement can sign up for a Premium Plan, a comprehensive coaching package that includes weekly 1-on-1 instruction, group workshops, game analysis, coaching at live tournaments, and access to twice per year retreats.  There are many flexible possibilities for organizations and schools looking for classes.  Private lessons, workshops and game analysis take place online, while tournament coaching and retreats are in-person. Most services are also available a la carte.  See more details here.


 RedBandit Chess hosts two in-person chess retreats per year, one weekend long retreat in Connecticut and two week long retreats in Vermont (one for adults and one for youths).  These retreats present an opportunity for students to immerse themselves into focused and intense chess study.  Along with NM Harris, participants will also have the opportunity to work one-on-one and in groups with special guest Grandmasters. 

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